About Us

 Welcome to Gary’s Gourmet Soft Caramel Corn, your go-to destination where tradition meets delectable indulgence! Since our inception in 1992 as a cherished family treat in Pleasant Grove, Utah, we've flourished into a household name. With over 31 years of expertise, we've mastered the art of crafting irresistible gourmet caramel popcorn balls, beginning with our signature "original" flavor and expanding to a delightful array of options.

Nestled in West Haven, Utah, we proudly remain a family-owned business committed to excellence. Our journey has been one of relentless dedication to quality, ensuring each bite of our soft caramel popcorn balls bursts with flavor and nostalgia.

Savor our tantalizing creations, conveniently available in numerous convenience stores, as well as various grocery and hardware/ranch stores across Utah and neighboring states. But that's not all - elevate your snacking experience with our luscious caramel jars, perfect for drizzling warm caramel over microwave popcorn or desserts.

For those craving an abundance of caramel goodness, indulge in our tubs of caramel popcorn, ideal for sharing with family and friends during movie nights or gatherings. Additionally, we specialize in custom flavors for parties and special events, offering a personalized touch to your celebrations.

Each jar and tub embodies the essence of homemade goodness, meticulously handcrafted with the freshest, finest ingredients. We prioritize prompt packaging to preserve freshness, guaranteeing the highest quality in every bite.

But there's even more to delight in - we're thrilled to introduce Pawpy Corn, our latest addition to the Gary’s Gourmet family. Pawpy Corn offers a safe and delicious popcorn treat for your canine companions. Made with carefully selected ingredients that are both tasty and gentle on their tummies, Pawpy Corn ensures that your furry friends can join in the snacking fun too!

Experience the taste of tradition with Gary’s Gourmet Caramel Corn. Indulge today and make every moment a celebration of flavor!