Caramel popcorn has been around for better than a century, and it has become an American tradition at all kinds of places from state fairs to theaters. 


Whether you like your caramel corn plain, dusted with a generous amount of cinnamon spice, mixed with nuts, or even more decadent concoctions, this sweet, salty, crunchy treat is the perfect snack for everybody.


When Can You Serve Caramel Popcorn to Your Guests? 


Frankly, we don’t consider it inappropriate to serve caramel corn anywhere, anytime -- but we might be biased. Just the same, you should definitely consider adding caramel corn to the menu of snacks for all of the following events:


1. Wedding Favors


Weddings are costly affairs, and it’s always a struggle to find affordable wedding favors that your guests will genuinely appreciate. Small bags of caramel popcorn can be personalized with the names of your guests and left as place holders at their tables. 


2. Baby Showers


Just like weddings, you want to do something nice for your guests in return for all their support. Bags of caramel popcorn make a tasty treat that’s easy to share, easy to snack on, and won’t make a mess. 


3. Game Night


“Game night” means different things to different people, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re getting together with friends to watch the next football game or pulling out your cards for the next “Magic: The Gathering” session. Get a variety of snacks ready, including the caramel corn.


4. Movie Night


Whether you’re streaming the latest action flick, watching an old favorite with your family, or you’re hosting a party for your friends to watch the series finale of your favorite show, one thing is certain: You need food. For occasions like these, consider trying an indulgent flavor of caramel popcorn, like Snickerdoodle or S’mores.


5. Field Trips


Are you planning a field trip with your kids? Are you in charge of organizing the whole school trip? You’re going to need something to keep your mouths occupied and tummies full on the trip. Buy caramel popcorn in assorted flavors for the road. (This also works well for picnics and playdates when you aren’t sure what snacks the kids will like.)


6. Open Houses


Leaving some bottled water and a few snacks out for potential buyers won’t necessarily help you sell your house -- but it can’t hurt, either. Realtors often recommend that sellers leave out a few refreshments for the people viewing their homes as a friendly gesture. A sweet snack, like caramel corn, can leave a positive impression and make their visit to your home stand out.


7. Office Events


Whether it’s a mandatory meeting or a co-worker’s birthday, office events are dull affairs. When the next one comes up, skip the obligatory box of donuts and switch things up with a few bags of caramel popcorn, instead.


Why Wait For a Special Occasion?


Really, it’s a shame to think of caramel corn as something that you can only get at carnivals and special occasions. Any occasion can be special when you add something as delicious as caramel corn into the mix.